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Tech museum of innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose give to all, children’s and seniors, an insight of what is happening in terms of technological innovation in the SF bay. But it also shows about the local problematic of earthquakes and a view of history and future of space discovery. Genetic research is also made as easy as making coffee.

Here’s a simulation of a NASA style jetpack which gives you a feeling of how it is for an astronaut to try to get back to his space ship.

Jetpack Simulation

We also could get onto a shaking platform that imitates a 6.5 (Richter scale) earthquake

Different workshops are made and one of them is about building your own architectural structure and test it on a moving table witch simulate an earthquake.

We were two team challenged on that. One team adopted a strategy based on structural rigidity, combined with a oscillating mass on the upper part (knowing that:



The other team seemed to have a more spiritual approach of the problem….

Team Sabine and Mathieu

Score? … Well, both towers collapsed within less than 20 seconds…..