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Noisebridge is an anarchist hackerspace in Mission District, San Francisco. It is one of the oldest space of this kind in the US.

But first, what are « hackerspaces » ? They are community operated workspaces, runned and used by people sharing the same interests (technology, art, science, woodworking, sewing, computers, machinig, electronics…) and willing to create things. Yes, things. You will understand later. You can find hackerspaces all around the world, although in Switzerland we mostly know FabLabs which are a more organized/professional version of it.

Back to Noisebridge. After a meal shared with the whole team at « Gracias Madre », a vegan mexican restaurant in Mission, we stopped in front of what seemed like a random building. Little did we know what was hiding inside. We entered a colorful staircase and arrived in Noisebridge, the coolest workshop/studio/office/gamespace I’ve ever visited.

Remember I told you that people were using such facilities to make « things » ? Let’s show you what I meant. Sculptures, arcade games, tools…they transform any idea into amazing creations.

The atmosphere of this place was really fun and sort of relaxing. It felt messy, but a good kind of messy. The kind of messy that makes you have amazing ideas and allows you to realize them.

About ten people we’re there that night, working on various projects. They we’re welcoming and talked with us about the space and their projects, encouraging us to always create and learn new things from and with others.