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Galvanize IBM
You may have read the blog entry from February 10, 2015 «Where passion meets curiousity». Did you every think of the personality standing behind a blogpost or any other article? IBM watson contains a tool in a beta version, but open for everyone to use it, of a text analyzer to do user modelling.
Analyzing at least 1000 characters can give an accurate result – were we told by Salil Ahuja. So the user model created on the text written in the earlier mentionned post looks like this:
User model of Chris
Watson was one of three demonstrated products. the two others were Cloudant and Bluemix. Bluemix is the framework to use the cloudant and watson services. Developers, check these tools out! So have a look at developercloud and bluemix websites. There is so much to discover. Useful things and the promise, that for low numbers of requests the ibm service stays free. And using the IBM services promises also, that developers will can #sleepmore.
The happening was going on in a co-working space with free food and drinks, so all people were put in a good mood. Once again a great occasion to network, share, learn and percieve, how silicon valley spirit feels like. And again, thank you Vincenzo bringing us to this place, thank you DGES making this journey possible.