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On the Thursday of our first week in San Francisco, our host, Swissnex, offered us the opportunity to participate in an evening conference and networking event.

From major innovation players from Nestlé to inspiring speeches from small entrepreneurs, a wide range of speakers gave us a very interesting insight into innovation management in San Francisco, as well as the overall future prospects for Food Tech.

Rache Brand, from RIFF venture, talking about investing in food tech innovation

This conference also gave us a glimpse of the uses of speaking at this type of event. Speeches of ten minutes maximum, which simply give an outline of the subject being discussed, without putting the audience to sleep. A Q&A session is then proposed, before moving on to the networking part, which allows everyone to go and discuss with the speakers in order to go deeper into each subject.

Finally, Swissnex provided us with the space and materials to present the three start-ups we worked on during the week. This led us to challenge the launch of our products on the American market, by discussing with the many people present. Thanks to the direct and honest feedback they gave us, we were able to make our work even more precise and clear the next day, during the final presentations of our work.