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During the second week of our trip in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to visit several Silicon Valley companies. Facebook HQ was for me the most memorable! Let me tell you a little more about it!

So, on the 19th of February 2020, we went to Menlo Park, where Facebook’s headquarters are located. As soon as we arrived on the campus, we were hosted by Russell Blank, who is a Business Integrity Associate at Facebook.

Right from the start we were impressed by the Facebook headquarters, it feels like we’re in a city. Everything was so cool, there’s everything employees need to find on a daily basis without leaving the campus. They can get massages, get their hair done and even go to the doctor. There is also a pop-up store that changes regularly, a souvenir shop, an arcade and, above all, a large number of restaurants. And you know what? Everything is free!

For the little anecdote every Facebook offices around the world has a red element, here, in Menlo Park, it’s the bridge, in Zurich for example, it’s a slide.

At the end of our visit, after a good meal, we had a small question and answer session, it was really interesting. We saw that the people who work at Facebook are passionate about what they do.

This HQ made us feel like we were walking around Disneyland instead of an office. It was awesome!