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University of California, Berkeley

Have you ever been so tired when you were in Lausanne because of the hills? It’s nothing compare to Berkeley… Don’t worry, it was hard but worth it!

Berkeley is a huge University and you get easily lost if you are alone. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to be guided by a student from Berkeley.

Did you know about the statue of Pappy? Yeah, me neither. He was the football coach of US Berkeley, named the bears. Our excellent guide told us a funny story about him and her.  Let me explain to you: when she had her interview for this job, they asked her what was her favorite statue of the campus and she answered « Pappy », and when they asked her why, she had no idea who was Pappy. Yeah, funny story…

There are a lot of rules on Berkeley’s campus. For example, you can’t step on their Berkeley sign that’s on the sidewalk. You have to go around it. But the most surprising thing is that she as a guide couldn’t have accepted tips. Weird, right? Because we all know that’s the U.S policy. 

Last thing, if you ever complained about the tuition of University in Switzerland, keep in mind that’s 70x less than Berkeley. 😉