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The teamwork and the productivity of developers this last decade went trough huge improvements. Communication is the main part of this evolution.
We all know some tools like Slack, MSTeams, Jira or Trello that enable developers and managers to communicate around coding since the client’s needs definition to the delivery of the product/feature.

But when we’re talking about something really specific, like a line in a function, communication seems to be impacted by a lack of context. The developer has to know wish line of wish file of wish branch of wish release and so on to understand the mechanics of this line of code.

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This tool breaks this lack of context and offer the possibility to discuss, review and understand code directly in the developer’s code editor. Therefore, all communications around a piece of code are centralized in the same tool(IDE) that create the code.


A typical use is to underline a portion of code that you do not understand and add a comment about it. All developers involved will receive a notification and can directly answer you through the tool.

For academics use, this solution is 100% free. It could be really interesting for students to manipulate it during group projects. CodeStream is maybe the end signal of sending code directly by text message!

Visit their website: https://www.codestream.com/