Stanford University tour

It was a sunny afternoon. We arrived early at the Stanford site. We were able to enjoy walking around and exploring the surroundings and enjoying the sunshine. A short hop to the shop and it was already time for the guided tour.

It was a very nice and positive girl who welcomed us for this visit of one of the most prestigious universities in the world. She led us for more than an hour backwards through the campus, telling us about the history of this university. Yeah… yeah…

We were impressed by the serenity and calm that prevailed at the site. The buildings looked brand new and typical American comedy. Yeah… yeah… yeah… The grass was perfect, the streets were clean, not a pothole, everything was perfect.

They can afford it at Stanford, though. With over 16,000 students paying over $70,000 a year… At that price, everything better be perfect! The total budget of one of the top 3 universities in the world is over 50 million dollars. Yeah… Yeah…

The site is huge and the buildings are innumerable. It’s simple. We spent an hour and a half wondering about it. We felt so good that we wanted to stay and enjoy the sunny day… But the next visit was waiting!

Author: Alexandre

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