Push the door and go up the multicolor stairs…


If you are a little geeky, or just curious about how things work, or looking for a place to realize your craziest DIY projects, then you won’t be disappointed with your visit of Noisebridge, a hackerspace located in SF.

We were welcomed by “J” (because every Hispanic name start with a “J”) who showed us the place. Electronic equipment, techie library, sound lab, classrooms, bike station, wood workshop, laser-cutting machine, 3D printers, sewing area, welding station, … The list can continue for long. And because of the slightly anarchic appearance of the place – which is only an illusion because all the equipment is inventoried – you would never be safe from discovering something you didn’t know existed.

In this place where the only access fee is respect, the motto is : “Be excellent to each other”. Fair enough !


Author: Ludivine Ammon

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