Stanford University and the

We arrived early in the afternoon at Stanford University, a little after President Obama gave a speech to call for more cooperation between the government and the private sector to tackle cyber threats. We weren’t able to attend this conference but seeing all the choppers flying over the university convinced us of his presence nearby. […]

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More than sport

Listen to the screaming crowd – like a single man, a roaring ocean. Huge, inspired. Sport here is part of University, part of innovation. Being better, stronger – that’s doubtlessly a mindset, maybe more : a way of life. The women basketball game we saw last night was a demonstration of power, of management, of […]

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A step into the world of engineering

On Thursday 12th February, after having eaten a typical American student’s meal – a delicious but fat bacon cheeseburger – at the University of California Berkley (UC Berkley), we went at the EECS Open House tour at the engineering department.   First we visited the electronic place, where we met five PhD students. They presented to […]

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Beginning of the day, we arrived at Berkeley neighborhood. Ladies seems ready 😉


(Nelsia, Camille and Sabine)

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Entrepreneurship is not a job, it is a sickness

We met 4 young entrepreneurs in the average age of 20, all of them created already one start-up: Thibaud, Jason, Nikita and Sagar. Thibaud, coming from France, created a solution based on what he faced which was that most of the members of his family are deaf. Before that, he worked 4 years in a […]

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For developers – and others…

You may have read the blog entry from February 10, 2015 «Where passion meets curiousity». Did you every think of the personality standing behind a blogpost or any other article? IBM watson contains a tool in a beta version, but open for everyone to use it, of a text analyzer to do user modelling. Analyzing […]

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Cool weather hey?

Benjamin, a developper met on the IBM Bluemix told me that many city are trying the attract start-ups like San Francisco does but no one is making it. Boston, Philadelphia, New York…. some city even offer 15 to 20 k for start-up comming… but still doesn’t launch…. His explanation ? -The weather here is just […]

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Tech Museum of Innovation

The Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose give to all, children’s and seniors, an insight of what is happening in terms of technological innovation in the SF bay. But it also shows about the local problematic of earthquakes and a view of history and future of space discovery. Genetic research is also made as […]

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Team SMC: A day full of challenges

Part 1 – Emerging trend: Check We were looking for an emerging trend in the food field. As we stopped by for a coffee break at a cafe with a wifi connection, there we discovered it seems to became a trend to order your coffee and your cookie online and then just pass by to […]

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