Design Thinking

The Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design, better known as the, was founded in 2005. The is a hub for innovators at Stanford.

Design thinking, i thought, was never the simple culmination of a thousand sticky neon squares, posted and reposted on walls and whiteboards in the loft-style, high-end But then, what is it for?

Design thinking classes are focused on “creating innovators rather than any particular innovation,” and the art of design thinking is best learned by doing. On another webpage, design thinking is defined as “a methodology for innovation that combines creative and analytical approaches and requires collaboration across disciplines.”

Among the keys to design thinking is the idea of empathy. Design thinking is understanding your audience before you can create a solution to the problem.

If you want to get more information, they publish great articles on medium:

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Visit from Craig Newmark

  InthisTuesday 17th of February we had the luck to receive Craig Newmark in the Swissnex. He is the founder of Craiglist, the main local classified website in the USA. The website is one of the most seen in the world. It receives more than 50 billion views per month. That’s represent more than 60 […]

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The “Swiss Idea” challenge

As the concluding post of this blog (at least for this academic year), I would like to tell the story about how my students have dealt with the challenge I gave them. The IIM San Francisco study trip was not only an opportunity to visit companies and universities in the Bay Area, but also an […]

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Making a video for StudyBox

After having spent a full day in a coworking space called “we work”, Sabine and Camille had a wonderful idea. What about making a short video to present StudyBox which is a startup created by two HEIG-VD student and which allows students to share their lectures notes. As I am being part of the study […]

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Xerox and the PARC

Today morning, we took the train from San Fransisco to Palo Alto. The famous town where Steve Jobs grew. But today was not about him or Apple… well, not directly. Because Apple owes a lot to another great innovative company from the Silicon Valley. This company is Xerox and more precisly it’s Palo Alto Research […]

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Team SMC: A day full of challenges

Part 1 – Emerging trend: Check We were looking for an emerging trend in the food field. As we stopped by for a coffee break at a cafe with a wifi connection, there we discovered it seems to became a trend to order your coffee and your cookie online and then just pass by to […]

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