Make you feel like being with us!


The international innovation team in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

We are a crazy but industrious bunch of students, who got the unique chance to spend two weeks in the famous Silicon Valley and San Francisco! We’re really lucky that we’ve been chosen to participate in the International Innovation Management course led by Nathalie Nyffeler and Vincenzo Palotta. To share this marvellous time, we are writing a blog along the two weeks.


So, who are we?


Camille Bonafont, HEG

Sabine Boulos, HEG

Mathias Dorier, TIN

Mathieu Gould, HEG

Alizée Guenin, HEG

Christian Heimann, comem+

Nelsia Hermann, HEG

Auriana Hug, TIC

Mathias Oberson, comem+

Florian Ramseyer, TIN

Verónica Urrea Blanco, comem+

Yoan Verly, HEG