CA Technologies workshop

One purpose of our trip to San Francisco was to present a Fintech project to CA Technologies. This company is one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. On February 7th, we went to Santa Clara to participate in a workshop organized by the company in their Silicon Valley Technology Center. We arrived […]

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Push the door and go up the multicolor stairs…

  If you are a little geeky, or just curious about how things work, or looking for a place to realize your craziest DIY projects, then you won’t be disappointed with your visit of Noisebridge, a hackerspace located in SF. We were welcomed by “J” (because every Hispanic name start with a “J”) who showed us […]

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San Francisco Tour – Part. 1

During the week-end, we all had the opportunity to discover the city and meet the people who live around. Here is a few things that you can see/do in San Francisco: The Painted Ladies The painted ladies are Victorian and Edwardian houses painted in three or more colors that embellish or enhance their architectural details🏠🏠🏠. […]

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Design Thinking

The Hasso-Plattner Institute of Design, better known as the, was founded in 2005. The is a hub for innovators at Stanford.

Design thinking, i thought, was never the simple culmination of a thousand sticky neon squares, posted and reposted on walls and whiteboards in the loft-style, high-end But then, what is it for?

Design thinking classes are focused on “creating innovators rather than any particular innovation,” and the art of design thinking is best learned by doing. On another webpage, design thinking is defined as “a methodology for innovation that combines creative and analytical approaches and requires collaboration across disciplines.”

Among the keys to design thinking is the idea of empathy. Design thinking is understanding your audience before you can create a solution to the problem.

If you want to get more information, they publish great articles on medium:

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Discussion on the refugee crisis at swissnex

As seems to be a recurring theme since we have arrived, this morning’s early start was accompanied by yet another fresh northern Californian drizzle. After a short tram ride down to the Embarcadero, we attended a panel discussion at swissnex about the contributions tech companies in the Valley can make to help with the ongoing […]

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First day visiting the Silicon Valley, amazing experience! Despite our jettlagged brains and minds, once our stomachs had been properly fulfilled with coffee and bagels, we started our journey by visiting swissnex. We were looking forward to discover where the HQ were, since Vincenzo had told us that words could not express how amazing they […]

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The big actors of Silicon Valley Innovation

    On Tuesday morning, we took a private bus, drived by  Adolpho, our crazy, but funny, driver. Our first stop was the Oracle Campus. We were so delighted to walk around beautiful buildings that we almost forgot one of the students on the Campus when we left ! Our second stop was on the EA (Electronic Arts) […]

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Silicon Valley history

During our trip in San Francisco, we had the opportunity to visit the technology hub of the United States: The Silicon Valley. It is the home to many of the world’s biggest high-tech corporations, as well as thousands of startups. The questions that you may be wondering are: How does it all started? Why is […]

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Computer History Museum

In the morning of Presidents’ Day, we made our way to Mountain View, to review four-decade history of computing at the Computer History Museum. The Computer History Museum established in 1996, which is dedicated to preserving and presenting the stories and artifacts of the information age and exploring the computing revolution and its impact on […]

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